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This individual is known as the Blackmailer.

According to Forward in the book, one of the most important lessons for the victim is that the behaviour of an emotional blackmailer seems to be about you, but it is really about the blackmailer. It is typically the result of the blackmailer’s severe fears, which are often expressed verbally. Fear and anxiety may develop in the form of rage and blame aimed towards the person experiencing the symptoms. However, what occurred in the past is often more influential than what is really happening right now in the current scenario. Some of these qualities, such as wrath, are visible on the surface of the skin. The majority of the blackmailer’s fears, emotional anguish, and worries, on the other hand, are buried deep inside his or her own psychological makeup and are not visible to others. Particularly in the area of emotional blackmail, there has been minimal scientific investigation. In one public health study, researchers looked at the psychological traits of those who use emotional blackmail in their relationships (Mazur et. al). In case of any الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

A five-factor personality model is presented.

The five-factor personality model was utilised to identify risk factors for prospective victims as well as those who could be at danger of being a victim of psychological blackmail. They discovered that neuroticism and agreeableness were both risk factors for taking on the victim role in relationships. The variables of agreeableness and conscientiousness were shown to be protective factors against the use of emotional blackmail in intimate partnerships.

When it comes to addressing the perpetrator of emotional blackmail, neuroticism is a crucial risk factor to consider. It is possible that your social flexibility and aggressiveness will protect you from being a victim of emotional blackmail. The information gained was used to inform preventative programmes aimed at assisting individuals in forming good interpersonal connections. Despite this, there is still need for further study to be conducted and applied to the prevention of emotional abuse and blackmail. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.

An Example of Emotional Blackmail

Alternative coping techniques and go-to methods for communicating and engaging in a healthy manner are often absent from the emotional blackmailer’s repertoire. For the sake of obtaining what they want, they resort to stonewalling, slamming doors, threatening, and engaging in other unpleasant behaviours. Most of the time, they do not have the skills essential to grasp how to articulate their requirements. In romantic relationships, emotional blackmail is quite prevalent. Emotional blackmail may be employed by either a man or a woman. A male-female partnership, on the other hand, serves as a model for all other relationships. As an example, consider the case of a guy who is in a committed relationship but who is caught cheating on his spouse. Instead of taking responsibility and apologising for his actions, he may concoct a storey to cover his tracks. He may place the blame on his partner for failing to meet his needs or for not being there when he needed her, so justifying or excusing his actions and behaviour. Initially, the victim may find this odd, and she may begin to question her own abilities or trust his allegations. She may wonder whether she is good enough or if she could have made a greater contribution to the relationship if she had done more. Individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may also be subjected to emotional blackmail. if the victim does not come to pick them up from the pub, they may threaten to take the car. Emotional blackmail may occur in a variety of settings, including family ties. Desperate mothers may attempt to make their children feel bad about themselves for not spending enough time with them. She may make comments about what “good girls” do in their lives. Friendships may be susceptible to emotional blackmail, which is a kind of harassment. If a friend seeks money, they may threaten to terminate the relationship if the person does not comply. You may be subjected to a punishing type of blackmail at some point. An emotional blackmailer may threaten their spouse that if they file for divorce, they would keep the money or refuse to allow them to see their children. This might happen, for example, if a couple is going through a difficult divorce. 


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