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Everything To Know About Purple Gelato Cannabis


Are you confused to pick the right marijuana strain when there are as many breeds available? That’s alright! Why don’t you look for cannabis Purple Gelato Seeds for Sale Online to have a good potency harvest? It’s a good cannabis strain for both commercial cultivators and home growers. Read the blog below to know more about this indica female marijuana strain.

The Overview About Purple Gelato Cannabis:

Purple Gelato Cannabis is a heavy blend of India strains: Thin Mist GSC and Sunset Sherbet. It gives unique flavor and aroma, including sweet, citrus, pine, and berry combinations. These intense flavors are from parent marijuana strains that make it a sophisticated cannabis variety. The THC potency in Purple Gelato Cannabis is up to 24 percent and shares CBD concentration lower than 2 percent. Harvesting this marijuana indoors gives a yield between 500-650 grams per square metre and 500-600 grams per plant outdoors.

The Benefits of Taking Purple Gelato Cannabis:

  1. Offers complex and unique aromas and flavors.
  2. Give the body a soothing and relaxing feel.
  3. Make consumers delighted, happy, and joyful.
  4. It is good to provide high euphoric and energetic effects.

The Final Verdict:

You can shop for Purple Gelato Seeds Online to grow for vibrant flavors and aroma. It’s one of the top Indica cannabis strains to harvest and enjoy good yields to consume. This is a potent marijuana that gives the body freshness and stress relief.


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